A.C.E. Unhappy was trying to save 1 billion won in Milwaukee

A.C.E. Unhappy was trying to save 1 billion won in Milwaukee


The Cy Young Award pitcher’s “Unhappy” came out. Corbyn Burns (29), who lost the salary adjustment by only $740,000 (about 1 billion won), expressed his discomfort to the Milwaukee Brewers.

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a local media outlet in Milwaukee, reported on the 17th how Burns felt after losing the salary adjustment against the club on the 16th (Korea Standard Time).

According to the report, Burns said, “I can’t deny that my relationship with the club was hurt.” Burns’ demand was $10.75 million, or only $740,000 difference from the club.

In general, $740,000 is a very large amount, but it is relatively small in Major League Baseball, where hundreds of millions of dollars are signed.

In other words, Milwaukee made the ace feel uncomfortable because of $740,000. Some say that Milwaukee considered not being able to catch Burns in the free agency market two years later.

In his sixth year in the Major League, Burns won the National League Cy Young Award in 2021. He beat accumulated Jack Willer based on his No. 1 ERA and excellent detailed performance.

Burns then pitched 202 innings in 33 games last year with 12 wins and a 2.94 ERA. He also won the title with 243 strikeouts 토토사이트

Burns has one salary adjustment left. In response, Burns will qualify as a free agent (FA) player after the 2024 season. He turns 31 in 2025, the first year of FA.

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