A player who’s about to disappear is an NBA battle of vicious vitriol

A player who’s about to disappear is an NBA battle of vicious vitriol


The Golden State Warriors of the National Basketball Association (NBA) beat the Detroit Pistons in the regular league of the 2020-2021 season by 118 to 91 on the 31st (Korea time) of last month. However, it failed to show the winner’s manners 토토사이트

After the game, Detroit veteran Rodney McGruder walked toward the Golden State squad to enter the locker room. There seemed to be something to say. He spoke lightly with Juan Toscano-Anderson of the opposing team. The atmosphere was not bad.

According to local media in the U.S., Toscano-Anderson, a member of the Warriors’ bench, said something to Detroit shooter Wayne Ellington during the game. Ellington felt unpleasant, and his teammate McGruder came forward to argue.

However, the Golden State players reacted rather harshly when they heard the news.

“McGruder is a player who will soon disappear from the league,” said Golden State All-Star guard Clay Thompson, who held the microphone as a special commentator. That part must have been very bothering. I think that’s why he’s acting like he’s a good co-worker.

The remarks were so high that the broadcast caster was surprised.

“I don’t know the situation because I was in the locker room at the time,” said Draymond Green of Golden State, who is known for his rough talk, at a press conference after the game. “Since when has McGruder been a tough guy for the team?” “There are too many players who pretend to be strong in the league.”

Elington, one of the parties involved in the incident, also spoke out.

“It’s totally unprofessional of you to ignore and undermine McGrooder’s career,” Ellington said. I’ve known him since the Miami Heat. “I’m not a player who should be treated like that,” the Golden State players criticized.

“McGruder is never a player who pretends to be strong,” Ellington said. To be honest, everything started with Toscano-Anderson. He said something to me and I laughed. “But McGruder, like me and my brother, came out and talked to him in a manly way,” he said.

“On the contrary, Green is a player who talks harsh words only in front of the microphone. “To be honest, the fake tough guy is Green,” he added.

Ellington’s remarks have garnered support from basketball fans. Meanwhile, according to local media in the U.S., Brooklyn Nets star Kevin Durant pressed “like” on a SNS post that introduced Ellington’s interview. Durant is a player who has played in Golden State.

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