Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks favor reinforcing power, not nominating rights, as John

Atlanta Hawks favor reinforcing power, not nominating rights, as John Carlins

The Atlanta Hawks may continue their current configuration.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta said it hopes to secure power through John Carlins (forward-center, 206 centimeters, 103 kilograms).

Initially, Atlanta wanted to cut spending and reorganize its power by sending out Carlins. If possible, they preferred to secure the right to nominate. Atlanta, however, made a surprise change in management during the season. General manager Landry Fields was promoted to president and Kyle Corber was promoted to vice president.

Currently, the management team, which has been revamped, seems to be considering not trading Kalins. The first priority is to secure a sense of power with Trey Young and DeZonte Murray through trade. However, if it is not possible, he is playing this season, and as he still has a contract left, he seems to have no intention of joining Calins.

It is crucial that the value of John Carlins has been reduced. Kalins has played 43 games so far this season. He played 31.6 minutes per game, recording 13.5 points (.513.259.784) 7.7 rebounds, 1.3 assists, and 1.2 blocks. The average record has been falling since the season’s average of ’20-10′ in the 2019-2020 season. With Murray’s addition, its position in the team as well as its value in the market have declined.

However, interest in the trade market is still valid. Utah Jazz and Houston Rockets are considered interested in clubs. Utah hopes to secure the nomination. He tried to get a ticket for the first round in exchange for a remaining contract from Carlins, but it did not succeed. Houston is also undergoing a major overhaul, but if it catches James Harden (Philadelphia) next summer, it is worth aiming for a boost in power at once.

Meanwhile, Atlanta is ranked eighth in the Eastern Conference with 25 wins and 26 losses so far this season. With Murray, he had high expectations this season, but he remains in the mid-range. In January, he won five consecutive games, the most by the club this season, but he added only one more win in five games since then, and recently failed to avoid losing consecutively. It is currently in five consecutive away games.

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