Brokers IU’s commercial film debut movie A lot of hospitality is still

Brokers IU’s commercial film debut movie A lot of hospitality is still flabbergasted


Singer and actress IU (Lee Ji-eun) expressed her feelings about introducing her debut commercial film.

IU said at a press conference and press conference for the movie “Broker” (director Hirokazu Koreeda) at CGV Yongsan I-Park Mall in Yongsan-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 31st, “It was a good time to work with such great seniors and actors.”

He added, “Since I entered the country from Cannes yesterday, so many people have welcomed me, so I’m still puzzled and excited, and I want many people to watch the movie with a good perspective.”

“Broker” is the first Korean film directed by Japanese master Hirokazu Koreeda, which depicts what happened when those who became involved in the relationship surrounding Baby Box went on an unexpected special journey. Actor Song Kang-ho won the Best Actor Award for the first time as a Korean actor at the 75th Cannes International Film Festival.

Actor Song Kang-ho played the role of Sang-hyun, a self-proclaimed well-intentioned broker who wants to find the right person to grow Woo-sung in the play, and Dong-soo, a partner of Sang-hyun, who hates Kang Dong-won the most in the world. Bae Doo-na plays Soo-jin, a detective who persistently pursues the broker’s journey, So-young, a single mother whose reason IU left behind and returned is unknown, and Lee Joo-young plays Lee, a junior detective who trusts and follows Soo-jin.

Meanwhile, “Broker” will be released on June 8

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