Chelsea, Osimen will pay 18 billion won in annual salary…”Three

Chelsea, Osimen will pay 18 billion won in annual salary…”Three times as much as Napoli, the amount to give up”.


England’s Chelsea, which is aiming for Napoli striker Victor Osimen, is expected to give him a salary of well over 10 billion won.

According to Italian media ‘Calcio Mercato’ on the 3rd, Chelsea will send an aggressive love call to recruit Osimen.

The newspaper pointed out, “The English club (Chelsea) will start lightly, offering twice the salary Osimen is currently receiving in Naples,” adding, “But we will have to raise the salary much higher to persuade Napoli owner Aurelio de Lorenz.”

Osimen is a key striker for Napoli and has scored 21 goals in 25 games this season. If limited to Serie A in Italy’s first division, he scored 19 goals in 20 matches, beating second-place Lautaro Martinez (13 goals) by six goals, almost confirming the top scorer.

With Osimen’s strong performance as a stepping stone, Napoli scored 65 points, beating Inter Milan and AC Milan (47 points) by six games, very close to winning Serie A.

Although he has established himself as a target striker, he is drawing the most attention in the transfer market this summer due to his wide activities.

Manchester United and Chelsea, who have no “No. 9” striker, are fighting over Osimen`s, and Chelsea first offered 9 million euros to Osimen, but the newspaper points out that Napoli can also spend this much to Osimen.

As a result, “Calcio Mercato” analyzes that Napoli will also start negotiating transfer fees only when Chelsea bet 13 million euros and about 18 billion won to change the mind of the Napoli club and secure Osimen.

Osimen recently expressed his desire to go to England through Italian media, saying, “I’m focusing on Naples now, but entering the Premier League is the dream of all players.”

Meanwhile, Kim Min-jae is known to receive about 3.7 billion won from Naples.

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