Curry junior Lee Hyun-joong is now drawing attention from

Curry junior Lee Hyun-joong is now drawing attention from the U.S. NBA’s expected draft ranking ↑


Lee Hyun-joong (21), a junior at Davidson University of the NBA’s top star Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors), is drawing local attention as he has been active every day.

Lee Hyun-joong, a senior at Davidson University, scored 17 points, four rebounds, and three assists, including four three-point shots, in a regular league game against the University of Alabama on the 22nd (local time), leading to a 79-78 victory.

Davidson University is a team in the top 50 as a member of the NCAA Division 1 Atlantic (A-10) Conference. On the other hand, Alabama is the 10th-ranked powerhouse in the U.S.

Davidson University overturned objective inferiority and overpowered Alabama. It is the first time in 13 years that Davidson University has defeated the top 10 teams in the U.S. rankings since 2008 when Curry played.

Accordingly, Davidson University and Lee Hyun-joong are being highlighted in the U.S. ESPN, a U.S. sports media outlet, reported Davidson University’s victory by posting photos of Curry and Lee Hyun-joong side by side on its official SNS.

Lee Hyun-joong is the son of Sung Jung-ah, a silver medalist in women’s basketball at the 1984 LA Olympics, and Lee Yoon-hwan, who is currently the head coach of the Samil Commercial High School basketball team. Lee Hyun-joong, who inherited basketball DNA from his parents, was recognized for his skills since his school days and entered Davidson University in 2019 through the NBA Academy 안전공원

Lee Hyun-joong, who boasts an accurate outer shot even though he is over 2m tall, has steadily increased his playing time since he was a freshman at Davidson University and is now reborn as a representative player of the team.

In the U.S., he has recently continued to predict Lee Hyun-joong’s expected ranking for the NBA draft, predicting a high possibility of his entering the NBA. If Lee Hyun-joong is nominated in the 2022 NBA Rookie of the Year draft, he will be the second South Korean player to take the NBA stage after Ha Seung-jin (36), who was selected by the Portland Trayblazers in 2004.

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