Kim Dae-ho

Director Kim Dae-ho of Cimac, who returned said

Director Kim Dae-ho of Cimac, who returned said “What I can do best is to win first place from my second year as a role coach.”

Kim Dae-ho

“From the 2nd year, he will win the 1st place in both spring and summer”

Recently, Exports News conducted an honest interview with “Cimac” director Kim Dae-ho, who returned as LCK coach at a cafe located in Bongeunsa Station in Seoul.

Head coach Kim’s determination stood out. “I’m supposed to do what I can do best,” he said, adding, “I think I’m specialized in coaching and coaching in relation to LOL. That’s why I thought I should do this job and came back,” he said, revealing the background of his return as a coach.

Coach Kim said, “I enjoyed watching DRX win the LoL World Cup.” “DRX worked hard and did a great job, but I think he was lucky,” he said.

He expressed his honest opinion about Kwangdong’s performance next season. “I think it’s at the bottom right now. They are competing for ninth and tenth place. “The team’s goal is to finish sixth in the spring, and Summer will go to the plop no matter what,” he stressed.

In addition, he expressed his extraordinary ambition, saying, “I want to be a fun, friendly, and good coach.”

The following is the full text of the interview with ‘CMac’ director Kim Dae-ho.

> Director Cimac returned to LCK after a long time. Please say hello first

I am Kim Dae-ho, a “cimac” who is newly appointed to Guangdong Freix.

> How have you been doing?

In the meantime, I have been doing personal broadcasts and doing YouTube at the same time. I was with my fans with the content called Mac Moon Chul TV. Rather than traveling separately, traveling is ‘the Summoner’s Gorge’ for me. Playing with the viewers is a trip for me.

> In particular, director CMAK’s personal broadcasting was very popular. We made various contents such as McMoon Chul TV

Since I’ve been working on the coach side, I wanted to do content that made use of my skills. While thinking about what to do, Han Moon-chul’s black box caught my eye. So I thought I should do McMoon Chul TV after my name. It became a hit more than I thought. Among the videos that people enjoyed and failed to control the level, there are still many videos that have not been posted on YouTube yet.

> I think I’ll still want to do my own broadcast

The team’s performance comes first when it comes to my immediate greed. Still, the desire to communicate remains because they enjoy communicating with viewers. I plan to have fun with the viewers when I rest during the off-season.

> Leaving it all behind, he returned to coaching. Why did you come back as LCK director?

It’s the best thing I can do. In my personality, I have to do what I can do best. I think I should make good use of my specialized ability. And I think you should find something you can do well and enjoy it. I think I’m specialized in coaching and coaching with respect to LOL. So I thought I should do this job and came back.

> Among the many teams, there seems to be a reason why you chose Kwangdong

I like a team that supports what I think and needs me. That was Guangdong, so I chose it right away without measuring it.

> I think I would have seen DRX win the LOL World Cup. How did you feel?

From the viewer’s point of view, it was very dramatic and fun. In particular, the storytelling was too dramatic. I think it was the best LOL World Cup win. However, from the coach’s point of view, the energy of the universe seemed to have pushed DRX. DRX made a lot of effort and did well dramatically, but he seems to have been lucky.

> It has already been a while since I joined Guangdong. Are you getting used to it?

It’s not that bad.

> What do you think about Kwangdong’s power in the 23rd season?

Of course, I think it’s at the bottom now. They are competing for ninth and tenth place. The team’s goal is to finish sixth in the spring, and Summer will go to the plop somehow. Currently, the top six teams are not inferior to Liv Sanbak, Nongshim, and Brion with solid members. Excluding the top six teams, they are sharing the 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th place. It’s no wonder who’s in 10th place on your team.

The six teams, which are still located above, have no choice but to be behind in their strong value, skill, and skill. But if we gain experience, we can beat experienced players from the top teams enough. The next year will be difficult, but there will be a lot to gain.

Next year, if I did a good job as a coach, I will win first place in both spring and summer from the second year. That’s why I signed a two-year contract.

> What are the pros and cons of the players identified by CMAK?

All the players have good personalities and are calm.

> Who is the most notable champion in the 23rd season?

I think Kshante is good. It’s good to have a big buff. Without Kshante, Atrox is good at the current tower. Even if Mid’s influence has decreased, Mid is still Mid.

> There are many players raised by Cimac coach. Which player are you looking forward to in Kwangdong?

I’m looking forward to everything. It’s still a bud. I’m excited and looking forward to each and every one of them. Since it is still no-base and no-data, I can’t imagine how it will grow. I can’t wait to see their growth. We don’t know what kind of potential we’ll unleash.

> I heard that there is a ‘room of truth’ in Guangdong. To be specific,

It means deep talk time. Rather than having a separate room, they talk more deeply with one specific person in the process of sharing feedback together. As the one and I are immersive in-game feedback, there is a wall around them. I think it’s called the room of truth.

> I feel like I’m starting all over again. What kind of team do you want to make?

I want a hot team that knows where to fight. There is a place where you know where to fight and you shouldn’t back down, but you have to distinguish well. I want to create a smart and hot team that knows how to fight when you have to 카지노사이트

> Tell us your goals for the 23rd season

I want to be a team that shows fun performance that viewers will cheer for. The goal is to create an active and alive team.

> Which team are you most wary of in the 23rd season? Who do you think is the favorite?

I don’t know yet at this point. Well, the best candidate for the championship is Kwangdong Freaks.I want to win first place.

> What kind of director do you want to be remembered as?

I want to be a fun, friendly, and good director.

> Lastly, say something to the fans

I’m living with the attention and support of my fans. Thank you. I sincerely appreciate it, and I will do my best in every situation and move forward hard.

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