Ericsen’s heart-gyeong confession, “I’m lonely”

Christian Eriksen (28, Inter Milan) expressed his depression in his situation.

Eriksen was replaced by Alexis Sanchez in the extra time of the second half of the season against Bologna in the 10th round of Serie A in Italy in the 2020-2021 season on the 6th (Korea time).

From the time he was put into the game, his expression was gloomy. And Eriksen, who had never touched the ball for about three minutes until the end of the game, walked out of the tunnel with a look of grass on his face when the end whistle sounded.

After the match, Inter Milan coach Antonio Conte (51) only gave a theoretical answer, saying, “My relationship with Eriksen is not bad.”

But Eriksen doesn’t seem to feel that way. After the game, he posted an emoticon on his social media with a 토토커뮤니티 zipper with the word “Alone.”

Eriksen left Tottenham in January this year to join Inter Milan. He played in the “DESK” line with Son Heung-min (28), Harry Kane (27), and Delhi Ali (24).

He has moved on to the Italian stage and taken on a new challenge, but his position is getting narrower and narrower. After being on the bench, he is now playing as a “time drag” card. It’s literally on the road to fall.

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