Golden State is the A-LA Laker the best team in the NBA

Golden State is the A-LA Laker the best team in the NBA air conditioning league, who is the worst team?


Off-season, it’s a time of invisible war.

Not only the concept of resting, but also in modern times, it is a time when “frontal war” takes place to strengthen team strength through trade and set the tone for winning and rebuilding.

Winter in baseball and summer in basketball are off-season. Therefore, considering the nature of the season, baseball was given the name “Stove League,” and in basketball, the nickname “Air Conditioning League” was made.

The NBA ‘Air Conditioning League’ is fierce. Teams sticking to “Win Now” are more efficient and focused on building destructive roasters, and clubs based on “rebuilding” are busy preparing for the future, such as securing rookie draft rights through efficient trade while saving existing prospects.

The “Air Conditioning League” is almost over. Which of the 30 clubs had the best “air conditioning league”?

CBS Sports evaluated 30 NBA teams’ off-season moves and rated them from A-plus to C-minus.

The only club to receive A-plus. It’s the Miami hit.

First of all, Miami is basically a well-organized club with a celery cap. With Yannis Adetokunbo in mind last season, he carefully planned a celery cap structure to recruit one “superstar-class” player. Adetokunbo’s announcement of his stay in Milwaukee, of course, has wiped out the Miami plan, but the celery cap structure is still good. This is also the fundamental reason why he can make a leisurely move in this off-season.

He has extended his contract with ace Jimmy Butler for now. He also brought Kyle Laurie, PJ Tucker and Makip Morris, who were released as FA.

He traded for Goran Dragi  who was a sign guard, and did not sign Andre Iguodala, Trevor Ariza and Kendrick Nun. He traded with promising centre Precius Archou 토토사이트

He has renewed his contracts with Duncan Robinson and Victor Oladipo, who will help them around the existing One-Two Punch Butler and Snake Adebayo.

CBS Sports said, “The Miami Heat’s off-season is well organized. Kyle Laurie is a player with the defensive and shooting skills that Miami needs, and Robinson’s three-point shot is a must for Miami. He also strengthened his team’s center by tying Butler to an extended contract, and tied Oladipo to a minimum contract, which would be a great deal if he recovers from his injury.’

The A-rated clubs are Houston, Golden State, Los Angeles Clippers, Atlanta, New York Knicks, and the Portland Trail Blazers are the lowest-rated C-minus.

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