Harry Kane wants 640 million won a week to renew his contract

Harry Kane wants 640 million won a week to renew his contract with Tottenham


I can’t predict what’s ahead. From the transfer to the residual declaration. Now there is news of discussing the renewal of the contract.

The drama surrounding the transfer of Harry Kane is breathtaking. Kane’s move to Manchester City was the hottest issue in European football this year.

Manchester City offered a record 100 million pounds (about 160 billion won) for Kane’s transfer fee, but Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy refused. Even if the transfer fee was raised to 125 million pounds, Levy did not budge. Kane held on to 150 million pounds (240 billion won) in ransom.

Kane, who publicly expressed his desire to go to Manchester City to win the championship before the season’s opening, wandered. He was absent from preseason team training and his return to the official game was delayed.

When moving to Manchester City became difficult, he eventually changed his mind. Kane announced on his social media on the 25th (Korea time) that he would remain in Tottenham.

“I played last weekend and got a huge welcome from Tottenham fans. It was truly amazing to read messages from fans for weeks. I will remain at Tottenham this summer. We will also focus 100 percent on the team’s success.”

Now we are discussing a contract extension with Tottenham. “Kane gave up his dream of joining Manchester City,” the British media The Times said on Wednesday. He is now discussing an extension of his contract with Tottenham. Kane wants 400,000 pounds (640 million won) a week. “We want to get the highest weekly salary in the Premier League, as Tottenham have set the transfer fee as the highest ever.”

Kane’s current weekly salary is known to be 300,000 pounds. After renewing his six-year contract with Tottenham in 2018, his weekly salary reached 200,000 pounds (320 million won). Last summer Tottenham raised their weekly salary to 드로300,000 to prevent Kane from moving away.

However, it is hard to say that Kane has given up his move to Manchester City just because he renewed his contract with Tottenham. Kane said, “I will stay at Tottenham this summer.” In other words, he is planning to move to Manchester City after this season is over 파워볼사이트

He is also planning to include a release clause that allows him to transfer to Tottenham next summer. Kane’s willingness to move to Manchester City has not been defeated.

It remains to be seen whether Chairman Levy will comply with Kane’s requirements.

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