Hashimoto Kanna

Hashimoto Kanna, actor Nakagawa Taishi…

Hashimoto Kanna, actor Nakagawa Taishi, is rumored to be in a relationship

Hashimoto Kanna

Rumors of a romantic relationship between actor Kanna Hashimoto, a former Japanese idol in “Millennium Idol,” have surfaced.

On Oct. 24, Japanese weekly magazine Joseiji Shin reported that Kanna and actor Taishi Nakagawa are dating.

According to reports, Kanna continued her meeting by going in and out of Tashi Nakagawa’s house.

Kanna Hashimoto and Taishi Nakagawa each have a pet dog, and they have something in common that they love drinking.

“The two co-starred in Fuji TV’s ‘Water polo Yankees’ in 2014, but they had few contacts and reunited in the movie ‘Black Knight Parade,’ which began filming in June this year, and they became closer,” a celebrity who is close to the two said through Joseiji Shin.

Kanna and Taishi Nakagawa have yet to disclose their positions on the romance rumor.

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