He’s back after a year, and 310 billion starters have lost

He’s back after a year, and 310 billion starters have lost seven runs in 4.2 innings


Stephen Strasburg (Washington Nationals), who was considered the greatest talent ever at the beginning of his debut, was on the mound for the first time in a year. However, he looked disappointed with a pitch that was less than expected.

Strasburg pitched as a starting pitcher against the 2022 Major League Baseball Miami Marlins at Londipo Park in Miami, Florida, on the 10th (Korea Standard Time).

It was the first time in 373 days that he took the mound in the Major League Baseball, and his last appearance was against the Atlanta Braves on June 2 last year. At that time, he went down with only 1.1 innings pitched, underwent thoracic outlet syndrome surgery, and was absorbed in rehabilitation.

Strasburg showed signs of uneasiness from the first inning. He gave up an infield hit to leadoff hitter Jazz Cheesom and walked Abysail Garcia to face a crisis. He then allowed back-to-back hits to Hesus Sanchez and John Bertie, allowing three runs in the first inning alone.

He quickly found stability by striking out all three batters from the second inning, and seemed to have finished adapting without any crisis until the fourth inning.

However, after the team scored a comeback point, it began to shake again in the fifth inning. After catching one out, he gave up consecutive hits to Chism and Garrett Cooper, and later collapsed with an additional four runs as Hessus Aguilar’s timely double and Hessus Aguilar’s two-run shot exploded.

In the end, Washington replaced the mound with Irasmo Ramirez, and Strasburg finished with his head down 파워볼사이트

Strasburg was a member of the 2019 World Series when he won the 2019 World Series, winning 18 games and winning the World Series MVP. In response, the team presented Strasburg with a seven-year, $245 million contract, and their companions seemed to be beautiful.

However, Strasburg has only appeared in eight games for three years, including the match. He couldn’t show good performance due to many injuries. He succeeded in returning after a long rehabilitation, but it seems that it will take some time to settle down

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