I was fooled by the Lakers injured ward Davis

I was fooled by the Lakers injured ward Davis


Some blamed Russell Westbrook as the LA Lakers couldn’t get out of the slump even though they had spectacular players.

This is because he was brought in at the risk of tremendous bleeding, but he is showing a play that falls short of expectations. So there were reports that the Lakers considered trading him.

It was to pass all the responsibility on to Westbrook.

Then Lakers ‘Legend’ Shaquille O’Neill tackled. He argued that the problem was not due to Westbrook, but to Anthony Davis.

O’Neill’s argument seems convincing.

Davis changed into a Lakers uniform ahead of the 2019-2020 season. Davis put the Lakers at the top with LeBron James.

Then, he signed a 4+1 year contract with the Lakers.

At that time, Davis was able to sign a huge contract if he came to the market with a free contract after a two-year contract.

But he chose stability. Davis said, “I’ve been injured a lot. It may be ideal to sign a two-year contract, but in reality, we don’t know what will happen in the future. “I wanted a contract to play in a stable state for a long time,” he said.

Davis was a “glass body” as he said. He has not been able to play dozens of games in Abu Dhabi throughout last season.

This season, too, he is showing his aspect as an injured ward without regretfully. He is absent due to injury 파워볼사이트

My grades are not as good as before. Lakers’ performance cannot be good.

O’Neill’s analysis is accurate.

Even though he revealed himself as an injured ward, it is too late for the Lakers, who signed a five-year contract, to regret it now. Lakers was fooled even though they knew it.

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