I’d like to ask for forgiveness for the first interview in 13 years

I’d like to ask for forgiveness for the first interview in 13 years


“I didn’t know that the hateful image once put on would last this long. As we have done so far, I and my daughters can take anything within the boundaries of family, but I am so sorry and hard that the aftermath extends to Seung-gi, who will become a new family member. I want to ask for forgiveness and shake it off honestly with the heart of a confession.”

Actress Gyeon Mi-ri opened her mouth. After her daughter Lee Da-in announced her marriage to actress Lee Seung-gi, she was the target of netizens due to the controversy surrounding her father, and Gyeon Mi-ri held an exclusive interview with The Fact on the 16th to express her recent feelings. It is the first time in 13 years that he has interviewed the media in person.

Regarding the background of her decision to interview, Gyeon Mi-ri said, “I admit it was misleading, but there are many distorted facts,” adding, “I bravely asked everyone to forgive me as I saw the absurd stories mixed up and being reproduced.”

Actor Lee Seung-gi, a prospective son-in-law, announced his marriage to Lee Da-in in a handwritten letter on SNS on the 7th. While everyone congratulated and welcomed it, some netizens raised their voices of criticism and scratched the post. Most of them are marriage-related comments aimed at Lee Da-in’s family.

Various suspicions spread through social media and others are indiscriminately spread without being determined whether they are authentic or not unless the parties directly explain themselves. The same is true of the controversy and negative comments surrounding the Lee Da-in family targeted by Internet users.

For this reason, even fans who actively advocate Lee Seung-gi are suffering. Fans who support marriage also argue that “there is an error in that quiet supporters who cheer and celebrate the majority of the voices of a small number of people who actively express complaints are buried.”

Amid persistent controversy over comments, <The Fact> decided to listen to Gyeon Mi-ri’s position, who will receive a prospective son-in-law. Regarding the contents that are difficult to answer, he also said, “It is reasonable to answer anything as it is and ask for forgiveness if there is anything wrong.” The interview, which was conducted with a lawyer in attendance, took place for nearly two hours somewhere in Gangnam, Seoul, on the afternoon of the 16th.

It must have been difficult for you to repeat the uncomfortable controversy ahead of your child’s marriage, but you took an easy step.

I couldn’t help but say nothing because I thought it would be useless to say anything. At first, I thought it would die down after a while. I didn’t know it would last this long like a nightmare. My interview may spark another round of criticism, but I once thought it was right to tell you the whole story.

Gyeon Mi-ri was loved by the public when she played the role of Queen Myeongseong in SBS’s “Jang Hee-bin” in 1995. In 2003, he played the role of Suratgan Choi Sang-gung and MBC’s “Jumong” Won-hu in the historical drama “Daejanggeum,” which deals with the success story of Janggeum, a righteous daughter of the Joseon Dynasty, and impressed the image of a villain. In 1998, he remarried a businessman named Lee under the introduction of his brother.

– The “Naero Nambul,” which netizens point out intensively, is about whether the family has taken unfair advantage. Please explain the whereabouts of 26.6 billion won that her husband used to pay for the paid-in capital increase in the past.

I swear I’ll be honest with you. It means that they took unfair profits from false disclosures, and the money is company money that cannot be used in the name of an individual, and it has never actually been spent on an individual or family member. It was all explained during the trial. At that time, minority shareholders of Corebit filed a civil lawsuit against their husband, who was a real manager, citing losses from accounting fraud, but there was no problem. I haven’t been involved in any lawsuits since then.

At that time, it was confirmed that Lee did not use the 26.6 billion won Corebit received to repay his personal debt. He once lent 500 million won, but this money was repaid soon, and as a result, he did not take any corebit money. The court judged that “it is believed to have used funds to repay debts and acquire other companies due to embezzlement by executives such as former CEO of Corebit,” and that “the amount of money that Corebit earned unfair profits is unknown.” Lee was sentenced to three years in prison for violating the Capital Markets Act.

– Aren’t you on trial for another case? Similar controversies seem to be repeated, accumulating negative images.

I’m very careful to tell you because it’s a trial that’s currently under way. The fact that they made profits by selling stocks through paid-in capital increase is different from the reality. Please understand that I can’t explain everything now. However, I am confident that the final judgment of the court will prove this.

His husband, Lee, was put on trial in 2016 on charges of making 2.3 billion won in profits by selling shares he received from a paid-in capital increase after inflating the stock price of KOSDAQ-listed Botabio, where Gyeonmi is a major shareholder. Unlike the first trial, which found him guilty, the appellate court found him not guilty, judging that he did not disclose such serious false information as to have violated the law in the process of raising funds for paid-in capital increase. The Supreme Court ruling remains.

In response, Choi, a lawyer at Daeho, a law firm, said, “In a civil lawsuit filed in connection with Corebit accounting fraud, Lee won the case on the grounds that it was not related. “There was no civil lawsuit filed against Lee for damages other than this lawsuit,” he said. “Some articles and comments claim that 300,000 people have been damaged and even committed suicide, but I have not seen any article providing evidence for it.”

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