If negative outlook will be releasing is not the long term

If negative outlook will be releasing is not the long term 2gunhaeng Rojas.


The league outfielder Mel Rojas Jr., from mvp kbo will never come in the first division in the long term negative outlook is (Hanshin Tigers and 32) came out.

‘Nikkan Sports’ Japan ‘ Rojas, on August 16 struck out in the last 11 chances in the Hiroshima Toyo Carp.This is the final blow to manager Akihiro Yano, made a decision.For the time being, no long-term promotion will not be ’, he said.

The media is giving a serious blow, young players a chance to impress the ‘ is significant.Not more than to think so. Hanshin is a new, critical reviews should appoint the foreigners are ’ the tone of that.

First division of the Hanshin The batter was a foreigner in the fourth year of Geoffrey Marte has to be the only infielder.Hanshin’s pitching from its stable and move on to the task is hitting. media is ‘A new foreign player was when hope I can see ’ and stressed, ‘This is when teams are to move’.

Rojas was 28 games this season in 57 at-bats, 10 9 17 RBIs, 9 walks, on-base percentage batting average a 10 %. 375 3 hits home run.309. slowed to slugging percentage, measured at 677.. 368 opsIn particular, from seven to 14 May, two for his batting average 10 per cent. 3 muomneon ops two RBIs.343 to a no-name minor league went down to 12th, when after hitting the bottom

Rojas demonstrated one twice last year despite 60 his batting average by 20 percent in the game 7 8 home runs, 21 RBIs, such as notified 2gunhaeng ops.663 in.To continue his hitless streak at 21 he made his first debut team wrote a disgrace by a foreigner.

Corona effect it later into the negative factors, according to government guidelines in Japan from spring camp in that it prepare as normal in February, but this year that is indefensible.No rebound in two years in the first division series season, came some ‘estimate’ situation 토토사이트

The LOHAS kt the Wiz kbo League for four years 2017 to 2020 as a stool to reach the round of Japan.Home run king in 2020 and (47) two years for Hanshin and two years, and the total amount of $ 5 million big contract.Kobe ties with at the end of the sluggish second straight year, however, not far off atmosphere.If not not likely to be released.Baseball showing clearly the case will remain as the level of difference between Korea and Japan.

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