In Kyo-jin

In Kyo-jin’s 12.2 billion chaebol, the third generation

In Kyo-jin’s 12.2 billion chaebol, the third generation, looks at the luxurious resort that easily exceeds 10 million won

In Kyo-jin

Actors So Yi-hyun and In Kyo-jin shared the recent status of their luxurious trip in Bali, where they are healing with their families.

On the 3rd, So Yihyun said on her personal Instagram account, “The weather…The photo was posted with the comment “Mulia is still so good to be found again in three years.”

In the photo released, So Yi-hyun is staring at the camera with her chin on her back. In particular, the magnificent resort attracts attention, which is known as an expensive resort well over 5.5 million won per night, making the couple’s financial resources realized once again. Above all, as So Yi-hyun has been posting here since the 2nd, she has been enjoying the trip for at least 10 million won in two days, which surprised her

So Yi-hyun added, “It’s Bali’s night,” and told her about her private luxury trip.

Meanwhile, So Yi-hyun married In Kyo-jin in 2014 and has two daughters. In particular, her husband, In Kyo-jin, is known to have a CEO father with sales of 10 billion won, and her father, Ahn Chi-hwan, is ranked first in sales in the industry, starting with the synthetic resin manufacturer S industry. In 2020, S Industry’s sales amounted to 12.29 billion won. In Kyo-jin. Currently, he is known to have proudly named himself as an in-house director with his father, the CEO, and is called the second generation of chaebol in reality.

So Yi-hyun acted hard in KBS2’s daily drama “Red Shoes” last year and is currently appearing in MBN’s entertainment show “Skance, not Hocance.”

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