Jang Sung Won

Jang Sung Won, Jang Nara’s bride-to-be cheer for your

Jang Sung Won, Jang Nara’s bride-to-be cheer for your precious son

Jang Sung Won

Actor Jang Sung-won delivered his request regarding the marriage of his younger brother Jang Na-ra.

On the 6th, Jang Sung-won said through his Instagram story, “Even if there are many articles, you can be curious, search, or find out even if you search for personal information.”

“But in the end, the man (Jang Nara) lives with him. with one’s precious son Please cheer with a good heart.”

Earlier, Jang Na-ra announced her marriage to a non-celebrity on the 3rd. In a related development, his agency Rawon Culture said on the 4th, “As Jang Na-ra herself asked, I sincerely ask you to refrain from reckless speculation and distribution of personal information as the bridegroom is a non-celebrity.”

He also said, “We will respond to articles attacking families or the spread of personal information that goes too far at the agency level, judging that it is malicious.”

Jang Na-ra will marry a six-year-old junior who works in video-related work at the end of June

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