Jang Young-ran

Jang Young-ran, who met Jason and Hong Hyun-hee, “I can’t say my..

Jang Young-ran, who met Jason and Hong Hyun-hee, “I can’t say my emotions come up.” [SUDDOL]

Jang Young-ran, a parenting master with siblings of elementary school students who are years old in “Superman is Back,” will be dispatched as a daily childcare helper for Jason and Hong Hyun-hee’s son Jun-beom.

Jang Young-ran

The 464th episode of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Superman is Back,” which will air on the afternoon of the 3rd, will be decorated with “I love you, as I feel.”

On this day, Jang Youngran transforms into a sister who gives generously for Jason. Jang Youngran presented Jason with side dishes and various parenting books, claiming to be a senior in both physical and physical parenting.

Jang Youngran looks at Jason, who is dirty to take care of Jun-beom, and asks him to take a shower leisurely, invoking a super-special sister chance to give him a precious break. Jang Youngran, who has changed into comfortable clothes and even finished preparing, shows off the skills of a parenting master by changing diapers with quick hand movements before Jun-beom’s cool fountain shea explodes.

In addition, the brilliant sound effect is basic and it captivates Junbeom’s heart at once with a voice raised by two octaves. Rumor has it that Junbeom responded to Jang Young-ran’s constant chatter with a grin and a smile even though he was his first aunt.

On the other hand, Jang Young-ran cannot escape from Jun-beom’s healing charm. Jang Young-ran looked at Jun-beom, who fell asleep quietly in his arms, and said, “How can you be so pretty? Should we go home, Junbeom? It is rumored that he admired Junbeom’s loveliness with his sweet eyes, saying, “He is an angel.”

At last, Jang Young-ran says, “It’s been a while since I hugged a baby, so I feel emotional, feeling the warm feelings of love that I missed in novice parenting in the past.” Jang Young-ran said that she had difficulty taking a step away from Jun-beom, who smiles at him, raising expectations for the meeting between Jang Young-ran, who emits bright energy, and Jun-beom, who gave him healing charm. It airs at 10 p.m. on the 3rd.

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