Jersey’s homerun makes Yankees’ team worry

Jersey’s homerun makes Yankees’ team worry


The New York Yankees beat the Minnesota Twins 10-4 on the 8th to reach a 40-win (15-loss) high. Slugger Aaron Judge scored three RBIs with his 22nd two-run home run and timely hit of the season, leading the home run derby.

Jersey maintains the American League’s lead in major offensive categories, including batting average of 0.315 home runs (2nd), RBI (45th), scoring (46th), slugging percentage of 0.685 (1st), and OPS 1.070 (1st). Thanks to Jersey’s performance, the Yankees marked their highest winning percentage (0.727) of 40 wins in the first five games.

Since 1969, when the division was divided, six teams, including the Yankees, have won more than 40 games in 55 games. They include the Cincinnati Reds 40-15 in 1970, Los Angeles Dodgers 40-15 in 1974, Detroit Tigers 41-14 in 1984, New York Yankees 42-13 in 1988, Seattle Mariners 43-12 in 2001, and the New York Yankees in 2022.

However, the high-flying club is troubled by the thought of jersey. After the season, the free agent is the second problem. A hearing on the application for salary adjustment will be held at Yankee Stadium on the 23rd. In the salary negotiations after the 2021 season, Jersey demanded 21 million dollars (26.4 billion won), and the club offered 17 million dollars (21.3 billion won). He failed to reach a compromise over the $4 million gap, leading to a hearing.

The annual salary adjustment hearings will be held in Arizona and Florida for the convenience of players and clubs in February and March during spring training. However, this year, the closure of the owners’ workplaces and the labor-management collective agreement were agreed in March, which is the first time that a hearing takes place during the season. Atlanta Braves’ World Series players are also waiting for a hearing on their salary adjustment applications.

The salary adjustment hearing is an extreme choice. Both sides are red-faced as they do not bend their arguments at the hearing. Usually, if you go to a hearing, it will hurt your feelings and make it difficult to renew your contract with your team. If you become a free agent, you’re a bye-bye.

The club negotiated a long-term contract with Jersey before entering the season, but failed. He offered 213 million dollars (267.8 billion won) and refused. Jersey reportedly asked for more than $300 million. There is a difference of 100 million dollars. No one expected Jersey’s home run gun to operate like this at the beginning of the season. The current pace is calculated that more than 60 home runs are possible. For the club, everything from applying for salary adjustment to failing to negotiate long-term contracts has become a handshake 토토추천

An application for salary adjustment is one of two things. Coordinating committee members choose between 17 million dollars and 21 million dollars. Even if the team wins, it will be a disaster and a dilemma. This is because it could affect jersey’s skills and FA negotiations after the season

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