Girl Rivers

Just one step to debut…The final song of “Girl Rivers” will be released on

Just one step to debut…The final song of “Girl Rivers” will be released on the 6th of this month.

Girl Rivers

“Girl Rivers,” which is set to confirm its virtual girl group debut member, has released the entire final competition song.

The final debut member will be decided in the 11th episode of “Girl Rivers,” which will be released on Kakao Page at 9 p.m. on the 6th.

“Girl Rivers” released all of the final competition songs prior to the final member’s announcement, and also released the lineup that participated in the composition and choreography, raising interest in the outcome of the final match. Also, the music video was pre-released on the 27th.

The songs “Like Destiny” and “Burn Me, Time,” which will decorate the final stage, will be released on the 6th, with famous composers participating. The dance crew “Lachika,” which includes dancers Gabi, Lian and Shimizu, participated in the choreography.

Each of the 10 girls who previously reached the finals chose one of the keywords “time” and “fate” and formed a team of five to prepare for the stage by receiving a new song based on each keyword. The two songs with different charms contain the stories and worldviews of girls running toward their dreams without being frustrated by reality.

Like Destiny is a song that created synergy between lyrical lyrics and each member’s sweet vocals. In particular, Lee Min-hyuk entered the virtual world as a virtual character as a composer of the final song and met with the girls in person to improve the perfection of the song. 토토사이트

Kim Soo-bin, the composer of the “Aming” team, participated in the new song “Time Burns Me and Takes Me to You” with the keyword “Time.” The story of girls on an endless journey in search of their dreams unfolds, and the bright atmosphere and attractive tone unfolding at a fast tempo, along with a touching narrative.

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