Kang So-ra

Kang So-ra’s bridge insurance was misunderstood

Kang So-ra’s bridge insurance was misunderstood, and the length of the luxury leg was real.

Kang So-ra

Actress Kang So-ra boasted of her luxurious angular beauty, which even caused misunderstanding of bridge insurance.

On the 25th, Kang So-ra posted several photos along with the article, “Even the past stories of Hara and Eun-beom ♡ Can I become more rich #Others?”

In the picture, Kang So-ra shows off her college student appearance in a green cardigan and a dark blue jean skirt. Even though he is in his 30s, his beauty attracts admiration while he looks no different from his 20s. The slim legs also surprised me.

Kang So-ra was misunderstood to subscribe to bridge insurance on SBS Power FM’s “Choi Hwa-jung’s Power Time,” which aired on the 17th. At the time, one listener said, “I can’t believe the length of the legs. “Do you have leg insurance?” Kang So-ra said, “Do I have to have leg insurance? I’ll think about it,” he replied.

Meanwhile, Kang So-ra, an ENA drama called “Can I be a stranger?”I’m on ‘.

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