Kang Su-Jeong

Kang Su-Jeong’s Unmannered Parent-Type Furious

Kang Su-Jeong’s Unmannered Parent-Type Furious Hong Kong Family

Kang Su-Jeong

Kang Soo-jung expressed her anger at her unmannered parents.

Kang Soo-jung, an announcer-turned-broadcast, mentioned on her Instagram story on the 15th, “I walked far away in case of disturbing the school bus, but I’m a good parent who doesn’t take out the car even if I come in.” He then posted a photo with the article #Son in front of the academy.

In the released photo, it looks like it was taken in front of Kang Soo-jung’s son academy.

She showed a caring figure driving far away for the academy school bus, but frowned upon by her unmannered behavior that seemed to care nothing about other parents.

In addition, Kang Soo-jung, who usually has an elegant image, was so angry that it surprised viewers.

Meanwhile, Kang married a Korean-American husband in Hong Kong in 2008 and has a son

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