Kim Gunwoo

Kim Gunwoo’s ideal type is Kim Dami. It’s okay to be older than 10 years

Kim Gunwoo’s ideal type is Kim Dami. It’s okay to be older than 10 years old A cool confession

Kim Gunwoo

In SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on the afternoon of the 9th, actor Kim Gun-woo appeared and showed a pure charm different from the villain’s image in “The Glory.”

Mobengers told Kim Gun-woo, “You look so cute in real life” and “You look pretty.” Kim Gun-woo, who said his father didn’t like him because he usually played a lot of villains, said, “He liked it so much this time. The reason was so good that he said it was okay to play such a villain,” he said, expressing his parents’ response. He said, “When we eat together at a restaurant, when my aunt grills meat, she asks, ‘Yes, Bogum is nice.’ So he said, “Dad, please be quiet,” and he also told an anecdote with his parents.

Kim Gun-woo said, “My sister watches a lot of entertainment programs. So I was like, “How can you go out on My Little Old Boy?” When I asked, “Where are you going?” and said, “I don’t think it’s your place to go,” he said, expressing his sister’s reaction.

Kim Gun-woo, who usually has a lot of aegyo, said, “I text often,” and Seo Jang-hoon, who heard this, asked, “Did you go out with your sisters?” As a result, Kim Gun-woo looked embarrassed. When asked how many years older is okay, he replied, “I don’t think it’ll be as easy as my mom, and I think the 10 year difference will be okay,” adding that it’s possible until 10 years older.

When asked about his ideal type, Kim Gun-woo said, “A mild person. “I don’t have much anger,” he replied, and specifically mentioned “Kim Dami” when asked to choose among celebrities. He said, “He has his own unique sound. “My heart flutters to those who make noises like ‘e-kung’ and ‘e-kung’ when sitting on a chair,” Shin Dong-yeop said. “All women will make noises from now on.”

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