Kim Ha Sung of SD has become a player for every day

Kim Ha Sung of SD has become a player for every day


Major League Baseball fielders are divided into players who play every day and players who check their participation by looking at the lineup. The media also calls it “every day player” when it shows stable performance.

San Diego Padres Kim Ha-sung was unstable on a business trip in April. He was not even a Platton System player who was used as a left-handed starter. It was up to coach Bob Melvin. Melvin told Kim Ha-sung that he is not a platoon player. However, he was excluded from the lineup the day after he hit a home run. You don’t have to worry about this for a while.

Before the four-game finale against the Miami Marlins on the 9th (Korea Standard Time), the Valley Sports reporter, who was in charge of third base, mentioned Megi Play, which caught a deflected ball the day before. The reporter said, “Although we didn’t make an out, it was a great defense of the highlight film. Kim Ha-sung seems to become a every day player with his batting and defense,” he said.

He also showed an interview video on Kim Ha-sung’s defense. Melvin said, “I caught a really difficult ball. I don’t know how such a defense came out,” he praised.

Kim Ha-sung played as a shortstop against the Marlins on the same day, and his batting average fell to 0.211, with one hit in three at-bats, one walk, and one strikeout. However, it is not time to decide whether Kim Ha-sung will play or not with his batting average. Of the nine Padres starting lineup, only two batters with a batting average of 0.230 or higher were No. 3 Manny Machado (0.385) and clean-up hitter Eric Hosmer (0.351).

The Padres beat the Marlins 3-2 in the finale with a walk-off three-run homer by pinch hitter Jorge Alfa. Following the 0-8 shutout the previous day, he continued his scoreless streak to 0-2 until the two-out in the ninth inning, and Alpharo made a dramatic victory with a home run that hit Marlins’ closing call Seolseo’s hanging slider on “Mother’s Day” and handed it over to Petco Park Center. The offense struggled, but he made a winning series with the power of the mound. He is currently second in the National League West with 19 wins and 10 losses.

Kim Ha-sung played in 10 consecutive games, starting with the Cincinnati Reds on April 29. During this period, it came up from nine to six and two table-setters. Although the big difference in hitting at home and away is a flaw, Melvin seems to trust Kim Ha-sung. At home, his batting average is 0.111 (4 hits and 1 home run in 36 at-bats) and his away game is 0.314 (11 hits and 2 home runs in 35 at-bats).

In fact, Kim Ha-sung’s second appointment is far from the recent trend of baseball. These days, there are two power heaters, including Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), Freddie Freeman (LA Dodgers), and Mike Trout (LA Angels). Padres also used Manny Machado as No. 2 in the beginning. However, as the first and second table setters became vulnerable, Machado was used as the third and put more weight on the RBI man. The Padres attack is not yet on track.

Kim Ha-sung, who hit the bottom with a batting average of 0.194 against Cincinnati on the 27th of last month, regained his confidence. The Padres are three consecutive games against the Chicago Cubs at Petco Park earlier this week

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