Kim Kyung-rok

Kim Kyung-rok of Im Baek-cheon’s Back Music said, “I waited 3 years

Kim Kyung-rok of Im Baek-cheon’s Back Music said, “I waited 3 years for the release of the new song.”

Kim Kyung-rok

Singers Kim Kyung-rok and Beom-jin colored “Im Baek-cheon’s Back Music” with their luxurious talks.

Kim Kyung-rok and Bum-jin appeared on KBS 2Radio’s “Imbaekcheon’s Back Music,” which aired on the 7th, and showed off their eight-color charm through the “Live Do’s After-Eating Scene” section.

Kim Kyung-rok, who said, “It’s my first appearance since I was a rookie,” said, “I got married in 2019 and I have two daughters. “We’re promoting our new song very hard because it’s been released recently,” he said.

Beom-jin then said, “I won the Encouragement Award at the 33rd Yoo Jae-ha Music Competition.” “It was a bucket list, but it was special because I won the award with a song that I like,” he said.

Kim Kyung-rok, who later introduced his new song ‘If You Add All,’ said, “I released it three years after receiving this song. In the meantime, I have been practicing songs by myself steadily. “It was self-produced, so I saved a little money and prepared it,” he confessed.

In addition, Kim Kyungrok smiled, saying, “I sing well in front of my daughters, but I sang it in front of my wife as a practice, so I said ‘Oh, it’s noisy’.”

“I recently participated in the OST of the drama ‘Unlock the Boss,'” Beom-jin said, “I was grateful that the director said he liked the song I originally had.” “It’s meaningful that (the song) keeps coming out at good timing,” he said, proving his unique music color.

On the other hand, Beom-jin sang “We’ll Remain a Novel” live on the same day and shot the hearts of women with her honey voice.

Beomjin gave a perfect live performance along with his unique tone, showing deep emotions, leaving a deep lingering impression.

Kim Kyung-rok also presented the mournful “Three Bears,” drawing laughter and drawing attention with his luxurious singing skills.

In addition, the two showed off their entertainment skills through a five-letter talk. When asked by a listener, “What are you doing in the evening?” Kim Kyung-rok said, “I’m going to have dinner,” while Beom-jin drew a smile by answering, “Can I go, too?”

Meanwhile, Kim Kyung-rok recently released a new song, “If You Add Everything,” and Beom-jin is active through “We Will Remain a Novel” and “What I Remember.”

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