Kim Min-young

Kim Min-young filed a lawsuit for a woman who was married

Kim Min-young filed a lawsuit for a woman who was married to her husband Seo Joo-won, a lawsuit for a woman who was married to her husband, Seo Joo-won.

Kim Min-young

It has been confirmed that influencer Aok-i (Kim Min-young), who is also working as a model and broadcaster, is filing a lawsuit for a woman who is involved in marriage and organizing the divorce situation due to her husband Seo Joo-won’s affair.

According to influencer and model circles recently, Ao-ok recently filed a legal lawsuit against her husband Seo Ju-won’s daughter.

The lawsuit against Aok-eok’s Sanggan-nyeo shows that Seo’s alleged affair, which was raised on the anonymous platform “Blind” for office workers, has become true.

In particular, in May last year, Seo Joo-won said on Instagram, “Now I have to fight against you. “I thought I would admit it until the end, but I only cleverly avoided it and said from a long time ago, “The law is a battle of evidence, so don’t leave a trace, there are already many,” which indicates that it was only Seo’s public opinion.

On top of that, the fact that Ao-eok, who denied the rumor of divorce in May last year, has turned to a hard-line response suggests that the credibility of the other party due to the divorce situation as well as separate legal issues are involved.

“It is true that he filed a legal lawsuit against an unruly woman,” Ao-rak said in a contact with this magazine. “I will tell you the details after the operation recovers,” he said.

On the other hand, Ao-ok is currently recovering from an operation for pearloma.

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