Lee Jong-seok is likely to win the second grand prize

Lee Jong-seok is likely to win the second grand prize at MBC Acting Awards

This year’s MBC drama did not have a “big hit” like “Clothes Sleeve Red Edge” last year, but its average ratings and popularity rose. Among them, actor Lee Jong-seok is expected to be a strong candidate for the grand prize.

The 2022 MBC Acting Awards will be broadcast live at 8:30 p.m. on the 30th.

Looking back at the 2022 MBC drama lineup, “Tracer,” “Tomorrow,” “Showtime from now on,” “Dr. Royer,” “Big Mouse,” “Gold Spoon,” “One Hundred Butlers,” “Gold Marriage, Joseon Marriage Banners,” “Secret House,” “The Witch’s Game,” and “Hunting of Swine” met viewers.

Recently, MBC unveiled a leading candidate for the award through a teaser video that starts with the phrase “I invite you to the acting award.” So Ji-seop, Lee Jong-seok, Kim Hee-sun, Park Hae-jin, Yook Sung-jae, Lim Si-wan, Lee Hye-ri, and Choi Soo-young are the main characters.

So Ji-seop, who played the role of Han-han, a doctor who was falsely accused of killing a patient in “Dr. Royer,” and Kim Hee-sun, who charismatically played the role of a beautiful Grim Reaper with a story in “Tomorrow,” stand out.

Expectations are high for the grand prize winners, including Yook Sung-jae, who expresses Lee Seung-cheon, who is in conflict among poor but warm families in “Gold Spoon,” and Lim Si-wan, who played Hwang Dong-ju, a team leader of the five Bulldozer-like countries, without looking at his boss and organization.

The most likely actor to win the grand prize is Lee Jong-seok, who starred in “Big Mouse.”

“Big Mouse” was the only MBC drama to have double-digit ratings this year. “Big Mouse,” which started with a national ratings of 6.2%, ended with 13.7%, achieving a successful conclusion. It was also a hot topic, ranking first in the Friday-Saturday drama category on TV.

The main character, Lee Jong-seok, played the role of Park Chang-ho, a livelihood lawyer with a 10% winning rate. He was caught up in the murder case he happened to be in charge of and became a rare genius fraudster “Big Mouse” overnight. It delicately depicts Park Chang-ho struggling to dig up the bare faces of privileged people stained with huge conspiracies to survive and protect his family.

Lee Jong-seok led the turbulent play by showing various aspects of Park Chang-ho in a short time, from his incompetent and sad life of a lawyer suffering from private loans to his falsely accused and desperately screaming, and awakening to protect Mi-ho.

If he wins the grand prize at this acting award, he will be honored as the second grand prize. He won the grand prize at the MBC Drama Awards in 2016 at the age of 28.

At that time, he played the unique setting of a character in a webtoon and played a role in the success of the drama by expressing various characters, from the Olympic shooting gold medalist to the super conglomerate who owns the broadcasting station and the national star.

He also showed his potential in “Big Mouse,” which he chose as his first work after being discharged from the call-up. As many expected, attention is being paid to whether Lee Jong-seok will win the grand prize or the honor of being the second grand prize

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