Lee Jung Hyun

Lee Jung Hyun, who earned 30 million won in 3 weeks

Lee Jung Hyun, who earned 30 million won in 3 weeks, where is the daily life of a luxurious chef?

Lee Jung Hyun

Actor Lee Jung-hyun revealed his recent status after giving birth.

Lee Jung-hyun posted on his social networking service (SNS) on the 16th, “Fortunately, breastfeeding started successfully without body aches thanks to the cooks, and above all, I was so grateful that all teachers took care of Blessing with love.”

“(Congratulations) Bok began to look at the focus book from the 5th day, and the teacher drew the focus book and put it there himself, and the head of the morning feeding room made a hat with a knitted hand,” he added. “I was really grateful.”

In addition, the photo released showed Lee Jung-hyun hugging his daughter with both hands. The daughter in her arms and Lee Jung-hyun looking at her with lovely eyes create a warm feeling warm

Lee Jung-hyun also posted another post on the day and revealed his daily life at the postpartum care center. The photo posted with the message, “I was so grateful and comfortable in the kitchen heaven,” showed the inside of the chef where Lee Jung-hyun stayed. High-quality dishes such as steak and abalone samgyetang, as well as balloons and cakes that welcome their daughter, attract attention.

Judging from the phrase “20 days of birth” in the photo posted by Lee Jung-hyun, he is presumed to have stayed for three weeks. According to the chef’s website, Ha Ha-byeol and In Kyo-jin and So Yi-hyun used it, and it costs a minimum of 7.8 million won to a maximum of 30 million won if they are in the kitchen for three weeks.

Meanwhile, Lee Jung-hyun married an orthopedic surgeon at a university hospital three years younger than him in April 2019. I got married last April

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