Lee Kwangsoo

Lee Kwangsoo Lee Sunbin 4 years of dating Birthday Lovestar

Lee Kwangsoo Lee Sunbin 4 years of dating Birthday Lovestar caught by emoticons

Lee Kwangsoo

Actors Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin showed off their romantic relationship.

On the 15th, Lee Kwang-soo said on his Instagram, “I had a happy day thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday. Even if I think about how to say thank you to them to deliver this heart well, I can only think of thank you,” he posted a photo.

In the photo posted, Lee Kwang-soo, who celebrated his birthday, is thanking fans for their gifts and leaving a proof shot. Lee Kwang-soo did not know what to do with the birthday celebrations and gifts that poured out as much as the idol’s birthday support.

Lee Kwang-soo said, “I’ll always do my best to show you a lot of good things. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.”

Fellow celebrities also sent congratulatory messages on Lee Kwang-soo’s birthday. While Seol-hyun, Ha-ha, Han Hyo-joo, Lee Min-jung, Code Kunst, Nucksal, and Ahn Bo-hyun celebrated Lee Kwang-soo’s girlfriend Lee Sun-bin’s birthday with an emoticon.

Meanwhile, Lee Kwang-soo and Lee Sun-bin have been dating since 2018

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