Lee Kyu-hyuk

Lee Kyu-hyuk bought an automatic cabinet for Son Dam-bi

Lee Kyu-hyuk bought an automatic cabinet for Son Dam-bi. A newlywed house

Lee Kyu-hyuk

Singer Son Dam-bi boasted the automation room after purchasing it.

On the 29th, Son Dam-bi posted a photo of the cat automation room on her Instagram account story. Son Dam-bi said with a photo, “I can’t believe the automatic bathroom is this comfortable. “I’ve been using it for three months. I like all three,” he wrote.

Son Dam-bi in the picture is satisfied after purchasing an automated room for cats. The appearance of a cat doing business in the automation room creates cuteness.

Meanwhile, Son Dam-bi married former speed skater Lee Kyu-hyuk somewhere in Seoul. The couple have recently appeared on SBS entertainment program “Same Bed, Different Dreams 2 – You Are My Destiny.”

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