Lee Se-young's

Lee Se-young’s double eyelids are already in place.

Lee Se-young’s double eyelids are already in place.

Lee Se-young's

Comedian Lee Se-young has been reborn with her charming double-eyelid eyes.

On the 10th, Lee Se-young announced through her Instagram Live that “the video will be uploaded on Q&A tomorrow.”

In the video, Lee Se-young smiled and waved with a face close to her bare face. Even though he didn’t put on any eye makeup, his clear and bright eyes caught the eye.

Lee Se-young confessed to the surgery on the 2nd, including double eyelids, front creases, back creases, and under lids, and posted a YouTube video.

After the surgery, her eyes definitely changed and she looked forward to seeing her after her swelling went down. Later, Lee Se-young also showed her going to remove stitches after double eyelid surgery. When her boyfriend saw Lee Se-young’s eyes, he praised her, saying, “She’s so he praised her.

Lee Se-young said earlier that she decided to have surgery because of malicious comments on her appearance. Appearing in “You Can Tell Your Sister,” there were also malicious comments such as “What does your parents look like?” and “Don’t pretend to be a woman.” As I kept hearing these words, I had a complex about my appearance because I thought I was ugly,” he confessed.

“When I turned 30 years old, I started dieting and dressing up to get out of my complex. But people say ‘makeup feet’ and ‘do you make a watermelon by lining a pumpkin?’ “I booked plastic surgery because I couldn’t overcome it with diet and makeup.”

Lee Se-young debuted in 2011 as the first comedian of MBN and appeared on tvN’s “SNL Korea” and “Comedy Big League.” She is currently running a YouTube channel with her Japanese boyfriend, Park Il-pyeong.

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