Lia Kim

Lia Kim who is ahead of her emotions collided during the battle

Lia Kim who is ahead of her emotions collided during the battle

Lia Kim

“Street Woman Fighter 2” is showing a scary rise by pouring out various famous scenes in just two episodes of the show. In particular, in the second episode of the class mission, Bebe’s Sea and Jam Republic’s Kirsten made a deep impression with the scene of a great match.

In the second episode of Mnet’s “Street Women Fighter 2” (hereinafter referred to as “Swoopa 2”), which aired on the 29th, the class mission began with the final results of the No Respect Underdog Pointing Battle revealed. The broadcast on this day recorded a high viewer rating of 3.9 percent and an average viewer rating of 3.2 percent, showing a steep rise. In particular, 1539 target ratings and 2049 male and female ratings topped all channels, including terrestrial broadcasters, solidifying their status as a trend in name and reality.In TVING (AGB Nielsen, based on paid households in the Seoul metropolitan area), the real-time viewing share of all live channels exceeded 93.4%.

The battle between One Million Lia Kim and Deep & Dab Minamyeong, which drew attention last week, won 2:0 to Minamyeong. Minamyeong expressed joy, saying, “I don’t think it’s okay to lose today,” but Monica’s evaluation was different. Monica, who voted invalid, drew attention by saying, “I couldn’t see all of my skills because my emotions were too advanced for dancing to beat each other.” After the battle, Lia Kim said, “(Deep & Dab) They are the first members of the first generation of One Millionaire. Minamyeong’s contribution was great. Without Mina Myung, One Million could not have come this far,” he said.

In the next battle, Wolfler Mini pointed out Tsubakil leader Akanen as a battle opponent, and the dance Korea-Japan match took place. After a rematch, the result was a victory for Wolfler Mini, which won 3:0 votes. Mike Song said, “Dance quality can be different. However, even if you don’t see your dance skills anymore, someone took the energy for sure,” he said, explaining why he gave Mini the victory.

Next, there was an ace battle where double scores were applied. When Wolfler’s Babyslick, who swept the awards in various battles, took the mound, the dancers were unable to come forward. One Million Amy confidently stepped up as a challenger, but the result was a 2:1 victory for Babyslick. The two said, “It was an honor,” giving warmth with a scene of respect for each other. There was also a revenge match that gave a chewy tension. The main characters of the battle are JAM REPUBLIC Kirsten and Mr. Wak from Mannequin. In particular, Monica was enthusiastic about Kirsten’s dance, which even used stairs, saying, “Isn’t it Gabi?” Rather than a battle, the two people’s teamwork, which is close to a joint stage, drew applause.

The battle that followed was a crew battle. Lady Bounce, the only female hip-hop crew in Korea for 15 years, showed extraordinary teamwork in the group battle and won her first victory against One Million. However, Lady Bounce won the title of the weakest crew at eighth place in the final ranking. The honor of the final first place went to Wolfler, who had 12 wins and 1 loss.

Subsequently, the class mission that created the “Hey Mama” and “Saebing” dance challenge syndrome began. This season, a new system has been introduced in which individual scores within each class are paid differently as a mission to complete dance videos among each class, divided into leaders, vice leaders, middle and rookie classes. At the same time, four class mission songs involving super-luxury producers and artists were unveiled, adding to expectations. “Smoke” (Smoke) with Dynamic Duo, Pedi and Lee Young-ji, “Click Like” produced by Crush, “Swipe” (Swipe) with NCT Ten & Tae-yong as singers, and “Twirl” with producer Czaer and (G)I-DLE Mi-yeon & Yu-ki will be released.

The class mission has finally begun. In order to become choreographers of each class, the dancers prepared the choreography fiercely. In the leadership class, the choreography of Bebe Bada was adopted. The leaders’ mindset of “I want to do something cool” stood out. Since then, there has been a fierce rematch between Bada and Kirsten toward the main dancer, and Bada became the main dancer and kept her choreography. Monica said, “I haven’t seen a lot of tall (female) dancers doing well in Korea,” in the battle between the two, which also made the jerseys stand up automatically. “I think it’s a revolution,” he said, leaving a lingering impression.

In the rookie class, they started to create choreography in line with ‘Twilight’. Tsubakilena, who is active in the same crew as Rie Hata, showed a high-quality choreography amid the dancers’ checks, but the result was a twist. Although the choreography was not organized enough, Lady Bounce Capri’s choreography was adopted. However, in the subsequent main dancer audition, Tsubakilena took the main dancer and wrote another twist drama. In the vice-leader class, Latris of Jam Republic and Redrick, the mannequin, competed fiercely, and Latris was called the main dancer.

Meanwhile, Crush’s “Click Like,” the music source of the sub-leader class mission, will be released as a pre-release song on each music site at 12 p.m. on the 30th

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