Oh Yoon-ah

Oh Yoon-ah is totally different from her younger sister

Oh Yoon-ah is totally different from her younger sister, who deserves to be suspected of having plastic surgery

Oh Yoon-ah

Oh Yoon-ah enjoyed dating her boyfriend.

On the 25th, “Oh!”In “Yoona”, “Oh Yoona’s boyfriend is revealed for the first time?~ Garosu-gil date with a younger man (daily vlog, daily look, life 4 cuts) [Oh!]A video titled ‘Yoona]’ was posted.

Oh Yoon-ah, who is waiting for someone on Garosu-gil in the video, introduced her younger brother who appeared from behind.

Oh Yoon-ah said, “Today’s look is not for my brother, but there is a VIP preview called ‘Circus of the Sun’ this evening, and I decided to watch it with my son Min.” “So I wore my favorite clothes,” he explained.

Oh Yoon-ah, who was introducing her younger brother’s look, then said, “He doesn’t look like me at all. That’s why I’m suspected of plastic surgery a lot,” he added.

When delicious food came out, Oh Yoon-ah, who entered the restaurant, said in a dejected voice, “Why did I come with my boyfriend when I had to come here with him?”

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