Park Hanbyul

Park Hanbyul and Dabin who became a family member

Park Hanbyul and Dabin who became a family member, asked a celebrity question

Park Hanbyul

Jeon Da-bin, a former member of “Doll Singles 3,” mentioned her entry into the entertainment industry.

Jeon Da-bin answered a fan’s question, “Are you a celebrity now?” through her social network service on the 27th.

Earlier on the 24th, Jeon Da-bin announced the news of signing a management contract with EL Park, drawing such curiosity. Kara Kang Ji-young, Ryu Soo-young, Park Sol-mi, and Park Han-byeol belong to EL Park.

However, Jeon Da-bin remained unchanged, saying, “There are many celebrities on the Internet news, but what actually touches my skin is still Pila (Tes) teacher, Haru (daughter) mother, that japchae (self) 부산출장마사지

Jeon Da-bin made her face known by appearing on MBN’s “Doll Singles 3,” a comprehensive programming channel that ended in September, and is active as a freelance model and Pilates instructor. a demonstrated reaction

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