Park Na-rae

Park Na-rae and Sung-hoon responded strongly

Park Na-rae and Sung-hoon responded strongly to malicious rumors in the emergency room

Park Na-rae

Comedian Park Na-rae and actor Sung-hoon pulled a knife into an emergency room malicious rumor circulating online. Both agencies made an official position and announced a tough response without leniency.

Park Na-rae’s agency, JDB Entertainment, said on the 15th, “We decided to take a strict legal action against those who spread and spread false information to protect their artists, judging that we can no longer ignore the current situation that damages their artists and causes them to suffer.”

“We will take legal action against all acts, including the initial preparation and dissemination of malicious rumors and the expansion and reproduction of groundless facts,” he said. “There will be no consultation or leniency on this matter.”

Sung Hoon’s agency Stallion Entertainment also stressed, “Rumors related to Sung Hoon, which are currently spreading in some online communities and SNS, are clearly false,” adding, “We will take strong legal measures because we cannot tolerate the current situation that damages the reputation of our actors and causes them to suffer as well as their families.”

“We are currently monitoring and tracking the IP of distributors who create Kaderas-style rumors as if they were true and spread indiscriminately, and we will respond strongly without any leniency or agreement,” he said.

Recently, an unidentified post was posted on the online community that Sung-hoon and Park Na-rae visited an emergency room at a hospital in Seoul, leaving insulting comments that were hard to say.

Park Na-rae and Sung-hoon became close by appearing on the MBC entertainment show “I Live Alone,” and rumors of a romantic relationship arose as the love line was drawn

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