Robbie Ray’s 13K Cy Young Award competition in 7 innings

Robbie Ray’s 13K Cy Young Award competition in 7 innings ESPN’s call is a bit dominant


Competition for the American League Cy Young Award is heating up at the end of the season.

The two-way race between Toronto Blue Jays’ Robbie Ray and New York Yankees’ Gerrit Cole is hot.

Ray started the home game against the Tampa Bay Rays at Rogers Center on the 16th (Korea Standard Time) and pitched well with four hits and one run in seven innings and 13 strikeouts. Toronto won 6-3 and Ray was given a victory.

It was one of the best pitches this season. Three innings were handled as three-way retirement, and no four walks were given up. Also, he never sent out two batters in a row. In the second inning, he gave up a left-center double to the leader Jandi Diaz and struck out all three follow-up batters. In the fourth inning, he also allowed lead-off Manuel Margot to hit a left double, but put the following three batters to sleep.

Rey allowed one run after hitting a solo home run over the left wall by Mike Junio in the top of the fifth inning with a 4-0 lead. However, he finished pitching seven innings with three outs in the sixth inning and one hit and no runs in the seventh inning. Double-digit strikeouts are the 10th of this season.

His season performance was 12 wins and 4 losses, a 2.64, 233 strikeouts. He also threw 177이 innings to record a WHIP 1.01 hit rate of 0.207. He ranks first in ERA, strikeouts, and pitching innings in the American League. He can be said to be the closest pitcher to the Cy Young Award.

Cole, who became a winning pitcher with one run in five innings against the Baltimore Orioles the previous day, has 15 wins and seven losses and a 2.75, 224 strikeouts in 27 games. He also pitched 163이 innings to mark WHIP 1.00 and a batting average of 0.210. He is No. 1 in American League wins and No. 1 in WHIP. Cole will take the mound against the Cleveland Indians on the 20th, and depending on the pitching, he can lead Ray again in ERA and strikeouts.

In the end, the direction of the Cy Young Award is determined by who takes the ERA and strikeout title. However, it is analyzed that Ray has 28 home runs, nine more than Cole, and Cole has fewer pitching innings by filtering out two rotations due to COVID-19 confirmation and recent arm pain.

Meanwhile, ESPN predicted that Cole would be more advantageous in the American League Cy Young race. It was in an article before Ray’s pitching results came out. In ESPN’s Award Index (AXE), Cole topped the list with 137 points, beating Rey with 132 points. In addition, Cole overwhelmed Ray, who was offered +160 in the dividend rate of sports gambling company Caesars Sports Book. The smaller the dividend rate, the higher the probability. That is, Cole is more likely to win the Cy Young Award.

ESPN columnist David Shawenfield said, “Call is a little dominant at the moment. However, there is a lot to watch,” he said adding, “Considering the wild card race between the Yankees and Toronto, two to three decisive pitches will affect voters who have yet to decide their votes. 안전공원

Another columnist Bratford Dolittle said, “Recently, Rey is far ahead of Cole, but Cole is a little more advantageous throughout the season. But the race is not over yet.

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