Ryu Hyun-jin

Ryu Hyun-jin ends up getting elbow surgery during

Ryu Hyun-jin ends up getting elbow surgery during the season-out

Ryu Hyun-jin

Ryu Hyun-jin (35), the “Korean Monster” of the Toronto Blue Jays, will eventually be on the operating table.

Scott Mitchell of the Canadian media ‘TSN’ said on the 15th (Korea Standard Time), “According to Toronto’s general manager Ross Atkins, Ryu Hyun-jin will undergo elbow surgery. It is not yet clear whether it will completely undergo Tommy John surgery or require partial surgery. This is the end of Ryu’s season.

In the end, Ryu Hyun-jin is expected to be a “season out” as he undergoes elbow surgery.

Ryu Hyun-jin took the mound as a starting pitcher in a home game against the Chicago White Sox on the 2nd, but stepped down from the mound with four hits (2 home runs) and three runs (2 earned runs) and no outs in four innings. There was a reason for the early grater. Ryu Hyun-jin was listed on the injured list (IL) due to inflammation of his left forearm and finally decided to be on the operating table, effectively ending the 2022 season.

Ryu Hyun-jin’s 2022 season was tough. Ryu Hyun-jin, who ranked first in the National League’s ERA and second in the Cy Young vote in 2019, came to the FA market and signed with Toronto for $80 million for four years, started as Toronto’s opening game starter last year and earned 14 wins (10 losses), but his ERA was 4.37, far from express pitching. Ryu Hyun-jin, who lost his ace position to Robbie Ray, who won the American League Cy Young Award, had to give up his first starting position to Jose Berrios, who signed a seven-year, $130 million long-term contract with Toronto this year.

Ryu Hyun-jin prepared for the 2022 season with great pride. However, on April 17, the second appearance of the season, after the Oakland Athletics match, he complained of pain in his left arm and was on the injured list, and the “war on April 17. Ryu Hyun-jin, who returned to the Tampa Bay Rays on May 15, won his first win of the season with six hits and no runs in six innings against the Cincinnati Reds on the 20th and started against “monster” Otani Shohei on the 27th 토토사이트

This is not the first time Ryu Hyun-jin has been on the operating table. In 2004, when he was in Dongsan High School, he underwent surgery to connect his left elbow ligament, and in 2015, when he played for the Los Angeles Dodgers, he chose left shoulder surgery and left elbow arthroscopic surgery in 2016.

The timing of Ryu’s return has not yet been clearly indicated. Ryu Hyun-jin, who has two wins, no losses, and a 5.67 ERA in six games this year, has 75 wins, 45 losses, one save, and a 3.27 ERA in 1003 innings of his career in Major League Baseball

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