SANA, a dreamy-eyed Instagram selfie

SANA, a dreamy-eyed Instagram selfie


TWICE Sana showed off her deadly visuals.

Several photos were posted on TWICE’s official Instagram in the afternoon of the 20th.

In the picture, She was seen holding a luxury bag.

She gave off a mysterious atmosphere with chic and dreamy eyes.

Another photo shows She showing off her beauty.

With her seductive aura, she boasted of urban beauty. He also showed off his sexy eyes.

Meanwhile, TWICE, which includes Sana, released its new song “Tok Tok Tok” in August.

She is a member of South Korean singer-songwriter JYP Entertainment’s nine-member girl group TWICE and serves as a sub-vocalist.

She is in charge of cutie sexy as a catchphrase, and at the time of SIXTEEN, she was popular for her subtle sexy charm, unlike her cute face.

He is a member who is in charge of entertainment in high tension, cute, silly, and fluent Korean.

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