Son Heung-min and Ki Sung-yueng all praise top-class Tottenham

Son Heung-min and Ki Sung-yueng all praise top-class Tottenham fullback Davis.


Ki Sung-yueng was a top-class player who broke down his opponent by coordinating the match. Son is also talented and technically outstanding. Both players are very impressive in terms of pass, movement, and technology.” (Ben Davis) 토토사이트

Ben Davis (27, Tottenham Hotspur) has a close relationship with the Korean Premier League. When he was in Swansea City, he had a meal with Ki Sung-yueng (31, FC Seoul) and Son Heung-min (29) in Tottenham. The two players Davis experienced in person were ‘top classes’.

Davis prepared for the Swansea Youth team. He went through a U-18 team with “Swanji Sunggol Youth” and performed professionally in 2012 in U-21.

When Davis joined the Swansea First Team, Ki Sung-yueng was also with him. After playing for Celtic in the Scottish Premier League from 2009 to 2012, Ki wore a Swansea uniform for a transfer fee of 7 million euros (about 9.3 billion won).

Davis won the 2012–13 English League Cup (then the Capital One Cup) trophy at Swansea, where he made history by winning the Welsh club’s first League Cup.

What kind of player was Ki Sung-yueng in Davis’ memory? Davis said in an exclusive interview with Premier League broadcaster SPOTV, “I remember when Ki Sung-yong first came to Swansea. We were all impressed by their performance.

At that time, he was a necessary player for Swansea. “Ballkeeping was a really good player,” Davis said. Swansea needed a player to break down the opponent while coordinating the game. Ki is a top-class midfielder with that ability.

Ki briefly went on a loan to Sunderland from Swansea, but played 162 games in six seasons until 2018. After the World Cup in Russia, he joined Newcastle United as a free agent (FA) and played 23 matches. He later returned to the K-League after joining FC Seoul through Mallorca, a former Spanish Primera Liga club.

Davis left Swansea in 2014 and moved to Tottenham. A year later, he joined hands with Son Heung-min, who was hired by Leverkusen. Son Heung-min was not a major player in Tottenham’s debut season, but he has been in full bloom since 2016 and has been in the world class with Harry Kane.

Davis naturally talked about Son Heung-min. “(Ki Sung-yong and Son Heung-min) are very different styles,” he said. “Son Heung-min is as talented as Ki Sung-yong.” Both players are impressive in pass, movement and technology. It’s a good experience to be with two Korean players. Playing with Son Heung-min is fun. What a good striker. He is committed to the team even if he receives defensive orders. We maintain good relationships both inside and outside the stadium.

He is in charge of the left flank with Son Heung-min in Tottenham. He is competing with Japet Tangganga and Sergio Regilon for the starting position. It was a tough competition, but it was a fate for a professional. “You always have to compete at the top level,” Davis said. It doesn’t matter who’s better. I just choose what kind of game the coach wants.

“I’m having a really good time at Tottenham. There are many good colleagues, and I want to win. I hope Tottenham fans in Korea will also have a happy new year. I am always grateful for your support. We ask for your continued support, thank you to our Korean fans.

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