The dribbling is the best, but what is the fatal drawback of a muscleman

The dribbling is the best, but what is the fatal drawback of a muscleman winger against Tottenham?


Adama Traore, 25, showed his strengths and weaknesses.

Wolverhampton lost 0-1 to Tottenham in the second round of the English Premier League (EPL) of the 2021-22 season at Wolverhampton Molinho Stadium at 10 p.m. on the 22nd (Korea time). This marks Wolverhampton’s second consecutive win since its opening.

It was a disappointing defeat. Wolverhampton faced a crisis by allowing a penalty kick in the first 10 minutes. The kicker Dele Ali scored and Tottenham took the lead. Wolverhampton then led the way. After blocking Tottenham’s entry into the midfield and defense organization, he attacked Tottenham’s defense with quick attack development. The struggles of Hubeeng Neves, Trinkang, and Nelsong Sémedu were outstanding.

Traore has shown himself as Wolverhampton ace. Traore, a left winger, completely destroyed Jape Tanganga. He pushed into his unique overwhelming physical shape and created opportunities for attack. It is not limited to the sides, but it is constantly moving towards the center, showing threatening movements. Tottenham’s defense collapsed due to his brilliant foot skills and ability to break through.

However, the decision was regrettable. Traore faced several open-play situations without pressure and checks after breaking through Tottenham’s defense, but failed to make a valid shot, let alone score a goal with an incorrect shot. When Raul Jiménes didn’t show much performance, manager Bruno Raz used Traore as a zero-top, but even in this situation, the score was not properly zeroed.

The scene where Traore’s poor decision-making was properly revealed was in the 16th minute of the second half. Neves stole the ball from Eric Dyer, who dribbled excessively, and gave a perfect pass to Traore, who penetrated the front line. Traore, facing a one-on-one situation, fired an honest front shot and was blocked by Yoris. The Molinho Stadium was filled with sighs as it missed a crucial opportunity.

Wolverhampton, who had not finished the whole time, lost 0-1 despite his good performance. After the game, praise and criticism coexisted in evaluating Traore. The reason was that he shook Tottenham’s defense by showing off his overwhelming ability to shoot four times, four key passes, nine dribbling successes, and four bloodfouls, but failed to score points in the decisive scene.

“Traorre was constantly breaking through checks from the left and running fiercely to the center,” the British “90min” said. Davinson Sanchez and Tangganga all had a hard time with the traore binge. But he failed to score. “We had enough opportunities to tie the game, but Traore failed.”

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