Michael Jackson

The late Michael Jackson biopic star is nephew Jafar Jackson..

The late Michael Jackson biopic star is nephew Jafar Jackson, “The most powerful audition participant.”

Pop star Michael Jack-son nephew plays Michael Jack-son.

Michael Jackson

According to U.S. media such as Deadline and Variety on the 30th, Michael Jack-son nephew Jafar Jack-son was selected as the main character of the late Michael Jackson biopic ‘Michael’.

Jafar Jackson is Michael Jack-son third brother and the second son of Jermaine Jackson, a member of Jackson Five. Michael Jack-son’s mother, Catherine Jackson, said, “Jafar paints my son, and I’m really happy that he continues ‘Jackson’s legacy’ for entertainers and performers.”

Jafar Jackson also revealed his uncle’s choreography practice on his social networking service (SNS), saying, “It’s an honor to express my uncle’s story.”

The new film “Michael,” by Lion’s Gate, tells the biography of the late Michael Jackson, who was called the “King of Pop.” Director Anton Fukua, who directed “The Equalizer” and “Liberation,” will take the megaphone, and Graham King, who produced “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and Michael Jack-son’s legacy corporation will jointly participate in the production.

Producer Graham King said, “I met Jafar two years ago and was greatly impressed to see him expressing Michael’s soul and character in his own way, and he was powerful enough to recall even after auditioning around the world. “It was clear that he was the only one to play the role,” he said.

He expected, “The whole world will eagerly wait to see him play Michael Jackson.”

Michael Jack-son, born in 1958, died in 2009 at the age of 51.

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