The number of humiliation has been taken away the humiliation

The number of humiliation has been taken away the humiliation of the roaster’s exclusion.


Chelsea’s Ross Barkley is having a hard time as his back number is taken away and even 25-man roaster is excluded.

British media “Express” said on the 1st (Korea time) that Barkley was not included in the 25-member roster after the transfer market closed. He is on the verge of being completely forgotten at Chelsea.

Barkley left Everton in January 2018 and wore a Chelsea uniform. Considering the performance and potential that he showed during his time at Everton, he had high expectations. In particular, he even received the honor of inheriting the number eight, which was the team’s legendary coach Frank Lampard.

But life at Chelsea wasn’t going well. His appearance during Everton was nowhere to be seen, and he was often out of the game due to frequent injuries. Even if he got a chance to play, he failed to show his strong points, which left fans disappointed. In fact, he scored only 11 goals and 11 assists in 86 games.

Eventually, Barkley, who was completely out of the main competition as time went by, left for Aston Villa last summer, seeking new opportunities. But there was no difference in the villa. Having failed to escape the slump, he failed to avoid criticism by scoring four goals and one assist during his 27 games.

After returning to the loan, he had to feel more bitter pain. Waiting for him to return to Chelsea was a release notice. To make matters worse, he was humiliated by Matteo Kovacic until his previous number 8. However, leaving the team was not easy either. There was no club that showed interest or was recruiting. The reason was that his skills were not as good as before, and that high weekly pay was a stumbling block.

It seemed that Burnley and the loan transfer were taking place ahead of the transfer market’s closing, but even this was canceled. Burnley gave up due to the burden of rent and weekly pay. Barkley, who failed to transfer, was not even included in the 25-man roster in the Premier League, and was unable to play for Chelsea this season. If we don’t find a new team as soon as possible, it’s likely to be completely forgotten.

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