Two billion

Two billion won has disappeared from the lineup of anyone

Two billion won has disappeared from the lineup of anyone in the dynasty.

Two billion

Will the dream of establishing a dynasty disappear as it is? The fact that he barely managed to secure the fifth place to ride the last train of the fall baseball in the first half of the year is not enough to distance himself from the championship, raising concerns that he cannot join the five major players in the second half.

The NC Dinos, which held its first unified championship last year, was considered a strong candidate this year. This is because Na Sung-bum, who tried to advance to the Major League, remained intact. However, NC’s move was not smooth. The cause of the lower winning rate than last year can also be found on the mound. The team’s home run ranked second with 103, but the team’s ERA is 4.76, ranking sixth.

In addition, Park Seok-min (36), Lee Myung-gi (34), Kwon Hee-dong (31), and Park Min-woo (28) were suspended from 72 games by KBO due to the “Sulpan scandal” that caused a serious gap in the lineup. All four players are used as main players 토토사이트

With ace Koo Chang-mo (24) on the operating table, prospects for NC are getting darker. Koo Chang-mo had a left ulnar fatigue fracture and eventually agreed to undergo surgery with the club, resulting in a season-out. NC said, “The players and the club decided to do the surgery after discussing it. “The medical team expects about three to four months of postoperative exercise.”

In the end, NC has to endure the weight of 2 billion won, but it does not seem easy in reality. The 2 billion won means the total annual salary of Park Seok-min (700 million won), Lee Myung-ki (270 million won), Kwon Hee-dong (170 million won), Park Min-woo (630 million won), and Koo Chang-mo (250 million won). Just by looking at the sum of their salaries, they can read the percentage of the team. However, since they disappeared from the lineup one morning, NC’s strategy for the second half of the year is bound to change.

NC has already secured the right to nominate the fourth round of rookie draft by trading left-handed pitcher Kang Yoon-gu to Lotte. Im Sun-nam, acting head of NC, said right after the trade, “This trade focused on securing future resources for the club. “The club wants to strengthen the team’s Debs in the mid- to long-term and give more opportunities to young players. It’s like suggesting rebuilding.

As expected, the dynasty was not something that anyone could make. Starting with the Haitai Tigers in the past, teams such as the Hyundai Unicorns, SK Wyverns, Samsung Lions, and Doosan Bears that could be recorded as dynasties in the 40-year history of the KBO League are one of the few.

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