What’s wrong with you? Who is it? Sadness of the unpopular team

What’s wrong with you? Who is it? Sadness of the unpopular team


“Otani should be a name that everyone should know. Some baseball fans, as well as ordinary people, don’t know Otani.”

LA Angels Otani Shohei (27) has literally turned the Major League upside down this year. His crazy performance of running to the top of the home run and looking at 10 wins in the starting lineup is a step that will remain in baseball history. However, local media pointed out that recognition in the U.S. is much less than performance.

Otani has become a complete national star in 2021. Since his big league debut in 2018, he has only received attention in the U.S. West until last year.

Japan’s Asahi Shimbun magazine “Aera” said on the 9th, “So far, local media such as the LA Times and the Orange County Register have mainly reported Otani’s performance. However, this season, not only nationwide media such as CBS Sports and FOX News, but also eastern media such as the New York Times and the Washington Post are talking about Otani, he said.

Major League Baseball’s official website MLB.com also deals with Ohtani’s performance as a major news every day.

However, Columbus Dispatch, an eastern Ohio magazine in the U.S., pointed out the cold reality. The media said, “I still know most of them as California Angels or Anaheim Angels, so how can I know Otani?”

It was the California Angels from 1966 to 1996 and the Anaheim Angels from 1997 to 2004. And since 2005, the LA Angels of Anaheim has been the official name, and it was in 2016 that it became the LA Angels.

According to Columbus Dispatch, baseball agent Kent Mercker said, “My daughter also likes baseball, but if you ask if she knows Otani, she will say she doesn’t know.” Mercker is a 74-win pitcher who played 18 seasons in the Major League.

Columbus Dispatch pointed out, “The reason Otani is not getting attention is because he plays in the West.” The media claimed, “If Otani had played for the New York Yankees, we would have heard Otani until we didn’t want to hear him talk.”

However, the media further explained that Otani is not being ignored, but that he is not receiving proper praise. Columbus Dispatch said, “Baseball experts are comparing Otani on the same line as Babe Ruth. “The reaction to who Otani is is not appropriate,” he stressed.

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