YANG JUN HYUK’s 10th largest foreign car revenue

YANG JUN HYUK’s 10th largest foreign car revenue every year


Yang Joon-hyuk is a hot topic for certifying the defense style, which is making huge profits.

On the 12th, baseball player Yang Joon-hyuk posted on his Instagram, “The Bang-dol Bang-soon in the village at the end of the land in the East Sea is well fed and will be shipped in January in winter. Eat a lot and grow up well. Let’s meet in winter because it’s heavily defended. “Fighting on Bangdol Bang-soon!” and a certified photo containing the recent status were posted.

The photo released shows Yang Joon-hyuk certifying a defensive fish farm in his name. Earlier, he made headlines by saying through the broadcast that the income he earns from the defense farm is “about 10 foreign cars.”

Meanwhile, Yang recently married Park Hyun-sun, a 19-year-old junior. Also, the couple recently appeared on KBS2’s entertainment show, “Men in the House Season 2.”

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