162cm small giant world admires Luiz Machida

162cm small giant world admires


Luiz Machida, the silver medalist at the Women’s Basketball Olympics in Japan.

Excellent point guard for speed and passing
And set a new Olympic assist record.

The U.S. women’s basketball team has the nickname “world’s best.” Gold medal at the Olympic Games for the seventh time in a row. He has won 55 consecutive international competitions. However, at the Tokyo Olympics, there is a team that has received more attention than them. It is the Japanese women’s basketball team that won the silver medal.

Japan, ranked 10th in the world rankings, lost the women’s basketball final at the Tokyo Olympics on the 8th, failing to cross the U.S. (first place) wall. As the score of 15 points (75-90) said, the game was completely defeated. The average height is 184 centimeters (US) to 176 centimeters (Japan). The rebound was 38-44, but he had 12 block shots.

However, Japan beat European powers such as Belgium (6th place) and France (5th place) in the semi-finals in the quarter-finals and showed great enthusiasm to reach the finals.

Japan’s gust of wind is hard to explain except for point guard Rui Machida (28). Although he is only 162 centimeters tall, he perfectly coordinated Japan’s play with his fast speed, wide view of the game and excellent passing ability. Machida appeared in all six Olympic games, averaging 12.5 assists per game, ranking first in the category. It is five points different from Juli Allemann (7.5 in Belgium) who finished second. It was also selected as the “Best 5” competition.

His true value was the semi-finals against France on the 6th. Machida helped Japan win 87-71 by sending 18 assists, the highest number in Olympic women’s basketball history. In particular, in the final match with the U.S., Britney Greener (203cm), who is 41cm taller than her, was impressed by her undaunted fighting performanceally matching up 토토사이트

Gary Washburn, a reporter for the Boston Globe, said, “I want to reunite with him before the Olympics in 24. Soon after, at the WNBA,” he wrote.

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