Wonju Guardman DB Kim Jong-kyu’s Salary Cuts Reasons

Wonju Guardman DB Kim Jong-kyu’s Salary Cuts Reasons


2 years ago, Kim Jong-kyu changed to Wonju DB uniform at Changwon LG.

Kim Jong-kyu, who was qualified as an FA at the time, decided Wonju as his second KBL team, avoiding the courtship of many clubs.

Kim Jong-kyu, an insider who can play basketball that fits the modern basketball trend, hit the box office as soon as he was qualified for the FA. It was widely believed that the annual salary was more than 1 billion won.

It wasn’t a New Year’s Day. DB put on Kim Jong-kyu’s DB uniform, giving him a record high of 1.279 billion won over the five-year contract period.

He was Kim Jong-kyu, the first player to surpass Lee Jung-hyun, who recorded a record high of 920 million won by transferring from Anyang KGC Ginseng Corporation to Jeonju KCC.

At the time, Kim Jong-kyu said, “I know that I am not a player who will receive that much. Anyway, I will do my best to be a better player as you acknowledged my value.He left a comment that said, “

And in his first season with DB, Kim Jong-kyu expanded his scoring skills to the perimeter zone. Kim Jong-kyu, who mainly produced scores in the paint zone, seemed to be expressing his willingness to pay for his salary, which has risen sharply.

I took a picture of Curia High. Not only a perimeter jumper but also a three-point shot. He averaged 27:53 and scored the highest average with 13.3 points. Rebound was somewhat reduced, but assist also recorded the first two career goals. It was Kim Jong-kyu’s performance that turned concerns into reality. The team shared the championship with Seoul SK. It was a definite effect of recruiting Kim Jong-kyu.

Last season, Kim Jong-kyu suffered from footer fasciitis. He played in 42 games. The average score was 9.8 points, the first single-digit score of his career. DB lost 11 games in a row at the beginning of the season. Kim Jong-kyu’s absence was perhaps decisive.

At that time, Kim Jong-kyu was unable to play in the game, but he could not be watching any longer. Despite the injury that was not fully recovered, he played. DB started to rebound little by little. It was the result of two Kyung-min who had been faltering, who also returned and helped.

But he was too slow to advance to the playoffs. The final record was 24 wins and 30 losses, tied for eighth with Seoul SK. He was ranked in the bottom with the team that won the joint championship last season. Kim Jong-kyu’s injury was a significant performance.

As a result, Kim Jong-kyu had to face the result of a salary cut. Kim Jong-kyu, who maintained his No. 1 salary with 710 million won last season, has been decided to earn 50 million won this season. The cut rate is -28.2 percent, the largest among the top 30 conservatives.

In a telephone conversation with the newspaper, Kim Jong-kyu said, “It is a lie if there is no regret personally. I didn’t show a good performance. I think that is also my responsibility. You have to get good grades and performances in good condition. There was no call-up for the national team, but he was injured a month before the season, and eventually suffered from injuries throughout the season. Everything is my responsibility.”I’m not going to do that.

“I am a professional player regardless of my salary,” said Kim Jong-kyu, one after another. He also became the captain. But it’s not even a small salary. I’ll do it with responsibility. In fact, I wasn’t feeling well last year. I never thought this would bother me. It wasn’t easy mentally or physically in each game. I’m the type to do it with my athletic ability. It wasn’t in a position to appeal to fans.”He said,

Lastly, Kim Jong-kyu said, “So I thought I should never get sick, and that’s how I am now. It’s gotten a lot better. I wish I could start in good shape and finish.”I wrapped up the interview with words.

You didn’t have to hear much. He was regretting enough about his injury and sluggish performance last season. The word “pride of perfection” came to mind.

Outstanding athletic ability, sincerity and seriousness are Kim Jong-kyu’s strengths. Will fans be able to appreciate Kim Jong-kyu’s vitality again this season?

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