A criminal comes out somewhere and doesn’t come back easily

A criminal comes out somewhere and doesn’t come back easily


It is not new for entertainment stars to cause controversy by committing crimes. The gaze toward this has also become sharper. As it is loved by the public, voices calling for reasonable standards are also increasing. Clajiquai Horan tried to return home with his drunk driving history behind him, but was hit by a headwind and the broadcaster was also cut off. Even after eight years, public opinion against the return is high.

Horan recently made a comeback by appearing on the MBC entertainment show “King of Mask Singer” and participating in the OST of KBS2’s Monday-Tuesday drama “Oasis,” but it was canceled due to strong public criticism. The production team that hired him also posted an apology and bowed their heads.

Horan was caught in a drunk driving accident in September 2016, following in 2004 and 2007. Horan, who was driving while drunk at the time, hit a cleaning vehicle of Seongdong-gu Office that stopped on a three-lane road near the southern end of Seongsu Bridge. The accident left a sanitation worker injured for two weeks.

Horan, who had three drunk driving accidents, later went into self-reflection and appeared on the show for the first time in eight years on the 9th. Appearing as a “funky fox” in “King of Mask Singer,” he conveyed his recent status with a bright smile, but viewers’ reactions were cold. The production team that starred him was also criticized.

In response, the production team said, “We deeply apologize for the inconvenience caused,” adding, “We failed to meet the strict and natural eye level of the viewers.” There is no excuse. “It was caused by the production team’s wrong judgment,” he apologized. Since then, all the replay videos of the episode in which Horan appeared have been deleted. KBS also announced in late March that it would exclude the “Chanson Trist” of the drama “Oasis” in which Horan participated in the OST

In addition to Horan, actor Cho Hyung-ki was virtually kicked out of the broadcasting industry after it was revealed that he abandoned his body in a drunk driving hit-and-run in the past.

In August 1991, Cho Hyung-ki was sentenced to five years in prison for hitting and killing a woman in her 30s while driving under the influence of alcohol in Jeongseon-gun, Gangwon-do, and abandoning the body.

After receiving parole in 1993, he resumed broadcasting in the same year. Since then, he has appeared in various dramas and entertainment shows for a while, but the hit-and-run incident has been re-examined, leaving the broadcasting station after MBN’s “Golden Egg” in 2017 and disappeared. Meanwhile, his face was blurred on the MBC “Radio Star” data screen in January, drawing attention. This can be seen as a de facto exit from the entertainment industry

Rising star is no exception. Hwang Young-woong, who was on the verge of winning the audition and winning the most prize money, was also flooded with demands to get off MBN’s “Bulletin Trotman” due to controversy over assault in the past. Hwang Young-woong, who endured until he endured, failed to overcome strong criticism and voluntarily dropped out after the first round of the final.

As such, the public is watching stars who have committed crimes with hawk eyes. You need to be cautious as you are in a position of influence in the media

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