Harden Embiid

Harden Embiid who played as a defender defeated Brooklyn

Harden Embiid who played as a defender defeated Brooklyn in the series 2-0

Harden Embiid

The Philadelphia 76ers (hereinafter referred to as Philadelphia) defeated the Brooklyn Nets (hereinafter referred to as Brooklyn).

Philadelphia beat Brooklyn by 96-84 and 12 points in Game 2 of the NBA’s 2022-23 Eastern Conference playoffs at Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, on the morning of the 18th (Korea Standard Time).

Philadelphia, which made the series record 2-0 by winning the game, was active with 33 points and 3 rebounds, including 6 3-point shots by Tyris Maxi, 20 points, 19 rebounds by Joel Embiid, 7 assists by 3 blocks, and Tobias Harris by 20 points and 12 rebounds. James Harden had eight points, five rebounds, seven assists and four steals.

Brooklyn fought hard with 28 points and 4 rebounds, including 5 three-point shots by Cameron Johnson, 21 points by Michal Bridges, 5 rebounds and 7 assists, and 12 points by Spencer Dinwiddie, 4 rebounds and 6 assists.

The front court power difference between the two teams was a remarkable match.

In the first quarter, the two teams could not decide whether to win or not, with the ace players Embiid, Harden, and Bridges all recording low field success rates. However, in Brooklyn, Johnson scored 12 points, including two three-point shots, in the second quarter alone, taking the lead in the attack instead of the ace, and Bridges also won several free throws. For Philadelphia, Harris and Maxi were in charge of scoring, but Embiid and Harden’s silence continued. Brooklyn led the first half with a five-point lead of 49-44.

Entering the third quarter, Philadelphia made a turnaround with a tempo push using Maxi and Harris. Harden also scored a defensive performance and a three-point shot, and Philadelphia, where Harris scored another three-point shot, drew the opponent’s operational time with a cool 20-5 run. After receiving Harden’s lead pass in the ensuing attack, Maxi succeeded in the end-one. However, the condition of Embiid, who recorded a stormy two-turnover, or Harden, who threw an airball, still showed no signs of improvement. Therefore, Philadelphia did not run away much compared to the difference in performance by 68-63.

Dean Widdy, who regained his senses with a step-back jumper in the fourth quarter, narrowed the score to one point with an end-to-one play. While Embiid was resting, Paul Reed locked the paint zone in Philadelphia, and Harden also fired a three-point stepback shot. Johnson then cut Reed’s pass and then helped Seth Curry’s 3-pointer. In the end, Rivers removed the lead who made the mistake and put Embiid in 파워볼게임

Back on the court, Embiid showed off his overwhelming control of the paint zone by getting a free throw. Also, Maxi made up for a three-point foul on Curry and then scored a three-point shot. On top of that, Embiid saved Maxi’s swift attack after blocking Johnson’s ball and woke up perfectly when he hit a breakthrough dunk and a spin midrange jumper. In a hurry, Bridges produced a three-point shot, but Embiid made Maxi’s corner three-point shot and won another free throw.

Philadelphia then beat Brooklyn by a 14-point margin, 96-84, as they added a fast-paced wedge from Maxi

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