Am I 55 years old? Actor Kim Ye-ryeong’s wife’s taste is on the real

Am I 55 years old? Actor Kim Ye-ryeong’s wife’s taste is on the real-time search list.

Actress Kim Ye-ryeong is drawing attention by boasting her beauty and lean body during the show. Immediately after the broadcast, the name of “Kim Ye-ryeong” is on and off the real-time search keyword of an Internet portal site.

Kim Ye-ryeong, a 29-year-old actor, has newly joined the TV Chosun entertainment show “Taste of Wife,” which aired on the afternoon of the 22nd. Kim Ye-ryeong said on the same day that she is 55 years old this year. “Are you really 55 years old?” said the cast. It surprised many people that they are older than actors Lee Jung-eun and Hwang Seok-jung.

As the praise poured out, Kim Ye-ryeong showed humility, saying, “I think all the people here also took good care of it.” In the broadcast on that day, Kim Ye-ryeong surprised the cast again by saying that former baseball player Yoon Seok-min was his son-in-law. Kim Ye-ryeong also introduced her daughter Kim Soo-hyun, who resembles actress Moon Geun-young.

Kim Soo-hyun used to act under the stage name Kim Si-on. Kim Ye-ryeong treated her son-in-law Yoon Seok-min like a son and asked, “How did you always do such a hard exercise?” “That’s why I quit,” Yoon said with a smile. Yoon Seok-min then said, “I have to work out. I have a lot of stomachs now.

Kim Ye-ryeong also revealed her daughter’s love story. “I heard Seok-min asked for a blind date when he came back from the U.S. for a while,” said Kim Ye-ryeong, “It was my daughter’s friend who was asked to go on a blind date.” My daughter went out to cheer for her and Seok-min fell in love with my daughter.

Meanwhile, Kim Ye-ryeong, who made her debut through the film ‘The Dream of the Great,’ ‘Let’s Go to School Sang-doo,’ ‘Moon Embracing the Sun,’ ‘I Love You When I’m Sad’ and ‘Beauty Inside.’ In 2012, she won the Best Actress Award for her role in the daily drama category of KBS Drama Awards.

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